Professional Technical Services at IT Systems Group
Fulfilling your expectations of an IT services business partner
"Solving your IT storage challenges, one environment at a time."


IT Systems Group, in co-operation with our professional partner network, offers a variety of consulting, solutions and onsite services in the following areas :

  • Data Storage Management and Consulting: Taking a systematic approach to understanding and documenting a client's data storage requirements. Including a “present needs and growth analysis”, covering both mid and long-term timeframes. This is followed through with an infrastructure design stage, which then leads to a recommended solutions strategy for ongoing I.T. business continuance. The final stage is on-site installation, testing, training and monitoring of infrastructure operations.

  • Data Storage Networking Services: Design and implement, a load-sharing/balanced network data storage management solution. Along with clustering symmetric data access to the network, providing simplified manageability, and fault-tolerance capabilities.

  • SAN & NAS Technology Design and Implementation: Complete design and proposal for multiple - terabyte installation of SAN and High Availability, with redundant data management features.

  • Virtual Storage Implementation & Management: Removing the barrier of physical volumes, and implementing a universal logical and virtual data center. This when operational, will offer full data protection and real-time continuous access.

  • IP SAN & iSCSI Storage implementation with Fibre and SCSI storage backbone: Remote Storage management and backup from anywhere around the world, which offers thin computing capabilities, both at the data and application level.

  • Upgrading and Deploying New Network Infrastructure: Provide a multi-step detailed outline, including architecture design, detailed transformation plan, physical installation of the technology, solution testing, documentation sets, training and knowledge transfer

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